Useful Links

I have compiled a selection of useful websites that can help you build your own collection or offer more information on certain subjects related to collecting autographs both in person and through the mail. Please let me know if you think something is missing here.

Resources for building your own collection:
  • StarTiger is probably the most important website for you if you want to start collecting autographs through the mail. The site lists over 450,000 (!) celebrities with current addresses and thousands of responses from other members of the page:
  • The ‘TTM Tuesday’ column on Mike the Fan Boy offers a weekly selection of tested mailing addresses:
Is it real?

If you plan on building your own collection, I suggest some beginner’s advice on how to spot a fake autograph.

If you are unsure about whether an autograph is real or not, go to Is it real? (, brought to you by Markus Brandes and Rolf Ramseier. Find out if your autograph was ‘signed’ by an autopen machine or by a secretary, is pre-printed or even a stamped signature. Take a look at their ‘forgery news’ section to find interesting articles about autograph fraud.

Buying autographs?

Make sure you only buy from reputable sellers! Please check out RACC Trusted for a list of trusted sellers:

A few reputable autograph dealers I have bought from myself are:

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Notable Autograph Collections
  • Autographen der Schweiz (for Swiss autographs):
  • Sabine Ingold has an impressive collection of over 5,000 signatures:
  • The «Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Autographensammler» publishes a magazine (in German), which is published four times a year and covers various fields of interest related to collecting autographs. Take a look:

A great – although pricey – way of obtaining (personalised) autographs from rare signers (who do not usually respond to through-the-mail requests) are consignment services. Here is a selection of reliable companies that get your items signed at conventions or conduct private signings with various celebrities. I have had good experiences with them and can confirm that they will always go out of their way to have celebrities sign your items exactly the way you want them:

  • CPA Authentics offer a professional consignment service and autograph presales for the several events they attend throughout the year:
  • OfficialPix: Be warned – they are not cheap! But they are professional and reliable, and they work with some of the biggest names in showbiz and attend some of the most exciting conventions:
  • Full Empire Promotions: Not only can you order autographs via their private-signing pre-orders, but you may also request a personalised video message from some of your favourite celebrities!
  • Celebrity Authentics: If you want to get your hands on some genuine autographed memorabilia from film and entertainment’s biggest celebrities, this is where you need to look. They offer private signings with stars such as Uma Thurman, Al Pacino or Margot Robbie. Of course, everything comes at a (admittedly rather high) price; however, if you’re after an authentic signature of some of the rarest signers out there, take a look at their store and their upcoming private signings!
  • Outer Haven Signature Services by Bryan Kiefer – one of the best for conventions in the US!
  • One of the oldest (and least expensive!) conventions in the US is The Hollywood Show! Todd Fulkerson (Todd’s Autograph Arena) offers a top-notch consignment service for their events:
  • The German Comic Con Pre-Order service lets you order some wonderful autographs that will be obtained on your behalf on different conventions in Europe. They also cover several Showmasters events (e.g. London Film & Comic Con):
  • Omar Elkalyoubie’s Signature Service mainly covers conventions and events in Florida and obtains autographs on your behalf:
  • GalaxyCon: They are a very reliable company that offers personalised autograph signings with some awesome celebrities. The signings often take weeks or months to complete, but it’s well worth the wait! GalaxyCon always makes sure the talent signs your photo neatly and in a good spot.
  • Team Ayeee Autographs: This small and reliable company is run by Gilbert Rodriguez. They offer some very interesting and some rare celebrities’ autographs through their private signings:
  • East Coast Collector’s Service is an autograph consignment company. Partners Chris Rifon & Brian Zeitchick have a combined over 50 years experience in the collectibles hobby and specialise in the handling of your items to be authentically autographed by your favourite celebrities at paid events and private signings:
  • Woody’s Memorabilia: Apart from some private signings with major U.S. stars, Woody’s (RACC member) also offer some UK celebrities: 
  • SteveD3 Authentics: Steve and Heather are great to deal with, very helpful and reliable. They attend lots of conventions in the U.S. and are always happy to get your stuff signed exactly the way you want. Highly recommended!